ChexSystems Removal Guide

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If you’re wondering how to get out of ChexSystems then you’ve come to the right place. Our comprehensive ChexSystems Removal Guide includes the exact documents and easy-to-follow instructions that are guaranteed to help you get off ChexSystems and start banking again.

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What Does Our ChexSystems Removal Guide Include?

Step-By-Step Instructions To Get Out Of ChexSystems Fast

A detailed guide with step-by-step instructions and clear action steps you can take immediately, including an example packet showing you exactly what documents to use. Our kit goes over each step you must take, in the specific order you must take them to be removed.

ChexSystems Letters and Documents

The exact, word-for-word documents that requires ChexSystems to clear your records. Our letters have been written by professionals with specific wording based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act that virtually guarantees you will be removed from ChexSystems according to federal law. The information and documents contained in the kit are exclusive and cannot be found elsewhere online.

How Long Does It Take To Get Out Of ChexSystems?

The entire process to get out of ChexSystems can take between 7-30 days, however many people see results in as little as 4 business days.

“I wasn’t able to open bank accounts for 2 years because I was on ChexSystems. I downloaded your guide and opened an account 2 weeks later.”

– Ryan Seiz, victim of identity theft

What Exactly Is ChexSystems?

ChexSystems is a consumer credit reporting agency used by banks and credit unions to find out the financial history of people applying for checking and savings accounts. It is governed by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other laws. Roughly 80% of the banks and credit unions in America use ChexSystems to acquire information on customers who have defaulted on overdrafts and other payments.

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of banks use ChexSystems to check the banking history of new account applicants

Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

Finding yourself in the ChexSystems database can be deeply troubling. You may worry that you will never again be able to open a normal bank account, making even the simplest of financial transactions difficult or impossible to complete.

Thankfully, there are several banks that do not use ChexSystems, enabling you to get back on your financial feet with a real bank account. Better yet, many of these accounts offer premier-level services and few restrictions and fees.

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