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How To Dispute Your ChexSystems Record

Sometimes banks make mistakes. If you believe you have been wrongly reported to ChexSystems, there are steps to follow to dispute the entry. The bank and the information provider are legally obliged to correct any inaccurate information in your ChexSystems report.

Step 1: Order Your Free ChexSystems Report

Obtain a free copy of your ChexSystems report and review it thoroughly. Look out for any information and detail which may be inaccurate. If you find any details which are not correct you need to take steps to get it corrected by providing some documentation in evidence.

Step 2: Send A ChexSystems Dispute Letter

Write to ChexSystems to inform them of the information you have found to be inaccurate. Make sure you provide documents with the letter as proof of your claim. Lay out your letter clearly and itemize all the details you are contesting and explain why you want information corrected or removed entirely. You could include a copy of your report with the contested areas highlighted.

Be sure to use certified mail to send your letter and request proof of posting. This is to ensure that there is a record of contacting ChexSystems and that they received everything. Keep copies of everything you send to them as part of your records.

You could also contact the bank or credit unions involved directly and make requests they amend the information provided to ChexSystems. You can also handle disputes by telephone and you should be prepared to explain why and provide documentation.

Sample ChexSystems Dispute Letter

Please note that the words in RED below are the places where you need to enter your own information.

Your Full Name
Your Full Address

ChexSystems Consumer Relations
7805 Hudson Road
Suite 100
Woodbury, MN 55125


RE: Consumer ID #XXXXXX – Find this number in your ChexSystems report

Dear Collections and Consumer Relations Dept.:

I have recently been informed that there is negative information reported by name of bank in the file ChexSystems maintains under my Social Security number. Upon ordering a copy of the report, I see an entry from this bank listing a “condition such as NSF” in month/year.

I am unaware of ever having a “same condition as above” from this bank.

Please validate this information with name of bank and provide me with copies of any documentation associated with this “same condition as above” bearing my signature. In the absence of any such documentation bearing my signature, I ask that this information be immediately deleted from the file you maintain under my Social Security number.

My contact information is as follows:

Your Full Name
Your Full Address

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